Episode 55 - EA: The Decline into Mediocrity

Over the years, Electronic Arts—the 2nd largest video game publisher in the world—has gone from respected incubator of many must-have franchises to one of the most reviled entities in the industry. Somehow, the company has found itself in a downward spiral while its competitors take full advantage. In this episode, we dig deeper into EA’s impact on the industry both in gaming’s distant past as well as their current influence on the industry at one of its leading companies.

Episode 49 - Lifestyles of the Business Casual Gamer: The Traveling Gamer

Growing up, most of us did our gaming in front of our home television or computer screen. The exception to this rule was when we went to a friend’s house or had to make that trip to a relative’s house and wanted a game to pass the time. I can remember Chris and I both playing linked games of Tetris on Game Boy on a car trip to the beach. As we’ve moved into adulthood, technology has changed as much as our lifestyle has. The “how do I pass the time on a car ride” question has been replaced with a “how do I keep up my hobby when I have a job that requires me to constantly travel” question. In this episode, we talk about the lifestyle of the traveling gamer and offer some advice of how we’ve made the most of our limited gaming time while being away from home for extended periods. In the assignments segment, Chris (finally) gives us his impressions of Mario Odyssey.