Episode 30 - How We Acquire Games

How did you pick up your last game? Did you buy physical media, or did you grab it online? Used or new? The modern state games acquisition is truly diverse and uplifting; however, it haven’t always been a lot of options. In this episode, Aaron and Chris cover the multiple ways we acquire games: in the past, present, and what is expected for the future. Will big box game stores survive the digital revolution, or will gamers continually demand physical copies? There are a lot of factors involved, and the answer tends to reflect each person’s unique perspective. It’s a great and timely topic, with so many ways to access the games we love. In the game assignments segment, Aaron describes his joyous (or not) time with Resident Evil 6, and Chris recommends a great game for the Vita, Shantae: Half-Genie hero.

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