Episode 62 - The End of Physical Media

Since the beginning of video games, the physical object has been a core part of the experience. The game disc, the manual, the box, the strategy guide—all of these are tangible symbols of the hobby that have lasted for decades. We now find ourselves in a place where the manuals have disappeared, the online platforms have expanded and the consoles are doing away with physical media readers. In this episode, we talk about the evolution of the video game as a physical product and the impact on the hobby and gamer community.

Intro music provided by sawsquarenoise. Used with permission.

Episode 48 - Japanese Gaming Culture in Decline

While Japanese video game companies didn’t invent the category, they have certainly been the most influential throughout the life of the industry. Neither of us would be sitting here doing this podcast today if not for the likes of Nintendo, Sony, Sega, and many others. In spite of the emergence of Microsoft as a platform holder, Sony and Nintendo have each taken their turns as the best selling console, which has kept this feeling alive that Japanese companies still dominate the gaming world. The reality when you go a layer deeper is that the Japanese gaming market is in steep decline and Japanese developers have never been further behind the curve. In this episode, Chris and Aaron examine the “why” behind the fall of Japan’s rich gaming legacy and offer thoughts on where it’s going next. In a pitch-hitting assignments segment, Aaron shares his thoughts on Yakuza Kiwami for PS4.

Episode 47 - The Allure of Collector’s Editions

Throughout the history of the Business Casual Gamers podcast, you’ve listened to and watched our multiple purchases of Collector’s Editions, video game paraphernalia, and countless other physical objects that have nothing to do with playing the actual video game on offer. The obvious question becomes, why do we keep hanging onto all of these physical objects in a world increasingly driven by digital distribution? Are we just the old timers walking uphill in the snow both ways to the local Electronics Boutique or is there something more meaningful at hand? In this episode, the gamers explore the evolution of the collector’s editions and discuss why they have increasingly become a mainstay of the gaming world. In the assignment segment, Aaron covers his time with Culdcept Revolt for 3DS.

Episode 44 - Preserving Gaming’s Past

At the beginning of our gaming life, our entire focus was on what’s next. Little thought was given to the games of yesterday, as graphics and processing power forged ahead by leaps and bounds. With several console generations behind us, we’ve reached a point as a gaming community where we need to ask ourselves how we want to preserve classic games. In this episode, Aaron and Chris explore some of the ways the industry is attempting to do this and give our thoughts on the best and worst examples of game preservation in the hobby. In the assignments segment, Chris gives his thoughts on Nioh for PS4.