Episode 63 - Games as a Service

It seems like every company is trying to convert their offerings into some form of subscription or service. While we’ve had PSN and Xbox Live for years, games as a service has clearly become the new hotness. Between Google, Microsoft, and id Software, we’re seeing a dramatic push for technologies that now make this a reality. In this episode, we discuss the impact on how we play games and the gaming community’s reaction.

Intro music provided by sawsquarenoise. Used with permission.

Episode 28 - The Demise of Local Multiplayer?

When you hear that a game has multiplayer, what do you think? Online matchmaking, or local multiplayer? For those that grew up before Xbox Live and PSN, you may think of sitting on a couch playing a good co-op beat-em-up. Those types of games seem to be fewer and farther between in modern games. Why is that? Are we slowly witnessing what will ultimately be known as the demise of local multiplayer? In this episode, Aaron and Chris explore the state of local multiplayer, what it used to mean, and how the Internet has dramatically changed our collective views. They share their thoughts on whether it’s still got some life left—and perhaps why it needs some—or if game developers are steering away from it in the long term. In the assignments segment, Aaron gives his opinion on Faster Than Light, and Chris recounts his time with Owlboy.