Episode 40 - Favorite Games 11-20 (The Almost Top 10)

In the very first episode of the Business Casual Gamers podcast, we walked you through each of our top 10 video games of all time lists.  We’ve received a lot of feedback and requests to keep going and continue the list.  After a lot of discussion and careful consideration, we’re going to take you through a journey of our top 20 games of all time.  We hope that after 39 episodes of getting to know us and our gaming preferences, this discussion will give you at least a few new amazing games to add to your collection. Afterwards, Chris is forced to call an audible in the assignment segment, getting sucked into a game that happened to catch his eye during the Steam Sale.

Episode 27 - The State of Gaming: PC

You’ve heard our previous State of Gaming podcasts covering Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sega. You couldn’t help be feel like something was missing, right? We did too. We knew it all along, but the PC has been such an integral part of gaming over the last four decades. The result of many different players and stakeholders, the PC has brought us some of our favorite gaming experiences in our lives. In this episode, Aaron and Chris cover the past, present, and future of PC gaming. They start from the 1980s and end in the 2010s, weaving an intricate story of hardware trends and, more importantly, the games. Oh, the games. If you were a PC gamer during any of these times, prepare for a nostalgia train unlike no other. In the assignments segment, Chris gives his thoughts on Planet Coaster, while Aaron covers his experience with the Souls games.