Episode 56 - GameStop: The Elephant in the Game Room

Love it or hate it, GameStop is one of the biggest players in the video game universe.  After years of retail consolidation into a few major players, GameStop is the largest game retailer in the world.  Prior to the advent of digital games, GameStop was one of the few companies that could dictate price, availability, and even what games were made based on what they were willing to buy.  Whether you like GameStop or not, the reality is that a strong, vibrant GameStop is good for the hobby and the community.  That said, GameStop certainly isn’t doing itself many favors these days and is consistently one of the most hated figures in the gaming industry.  In this episode, we explore GameStop’s problems and chart a course to get them back to relevance in the eyes of the larger gaming community.

Episode 40 - Favorite Games 11-20 (The Almost Top 10)

In the very first episode of the Business Casual Gamers podcast, we walked you through each of our top 10 video games of all time lists.  We’ve received a lot of feedback and requests to keep going and continue the list.  After a lot of discussion and careful consideration, we’re going to take you through a journey of our top 20 games of all time.  We hope that after 39 episodes of getting to know us and our gaming preferences, this discussion will give you at least a few new amazing games to add to your collection. Afterwards, Chris is forced to call an audible in the assignment segment, getting sucked into a game that happened to catch his eye during the Steam Sale.

Retro Rerun Episode 19 - NARC (NES)

What can we say about NARC? It's a game that help jump start the anti-violence era in video games. Sure, the game's about cleaning up the streets. And, of course, it gives you the option to arrest instead of resulting to violence... but, really, is that how we do it? No, it's not. Welcome to yet another miserable game on NES. This time, we're bringing the pain.

Retro Rerun Episode 18 - Base Wars (NES)

Some of the most memorable games end up being mashups of multiple genres. I'm sure we've all thought to ourselves, "Why doesn't someone mix a fighting game and baseball?!" at least once in their lives. Ladies and gentlemen, not only has that question been asked, but they actually made it. And can only be done on the NES (arguably).

Enter Base Wars, yet another 20XX game focused on playing baseball and mortally wounding your opponent when you don't get your way. And trust me, it's vicious. We can't even tell if it's a good or a bad game; perhaps we don't want to. Please, let us play this so that others may skip it.