Episode 58 - Reimagining the Classics

For the entirety of the past console generation, remakes and remasters have been the hottest trend in gaming. You can nearly be assured that if a game sold well or is being talked about by enough fans, there is likely a plan to rerelease the game for modern consoles to sell additional copies with almost no downside risk to the publisher. Games like Final Fantasy VII and Resident Evil 2, some of the most iconic games of all time, are going well beyond a simple remaster and redefining the entire game. In this episode, we explore the art of the possible and discuss how we would reimagine some games that are high on our list as candidates for reimagining.

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BCG Reviews - A Different Kind of Perspective

When we first started Business Casual Gamers, we had no intention of making this a “review” channel. There are plenty of places to get your reviews (Easy Allies, Kotaku, Happy Console Gamer are good places to start) if you’re interested in whether a game is actually good. This thought worked well for the first couple years of our show. Then, we realized something.

A large part of the “BCG” mindset that we continue to drive with the show and its related content focuses on games from a decidedly different perspective: is it good for a Business Casual Gamer? Aaron and I have consistently mentioned that the characteristic of “good” for a BCG isn’t necessarily the 10,000+ hours of gameplay that you see in the marketing for a game. Instead, it’s more focused on shorter-term return on time investment, playability in small chunks of time, and other such considerations.

When revamping the podcast content in 2018, we tried to refine the content to just one topic, delivered a bit shorter than previous episodes. While I know we’re guilty of not necessarily shortening the podcast even in the light of the new changes, we did decide to pull the Game Assignments segment in order to shorten the episodes. The problem, as it turned out, was that we’d end up short-changing our discussions on the game purely in an attempt to shorten the show. We--and from what we’ve heard, you--have missed some of the review-like discussions on the podcast.

So, in an attempt to inject that type of content back into the BCG offering, we’re going to start putting out some blogs on this site that give the “BCG” review on games, hardware, and other related gaming items. Keep in mind that this isn’t a normal review, though: we’ll most likely be providing commentary to the games based on a short playtime (in the BCG world, who has the time to quickly finish games?). If you want purely thorough reviews, please check those out elsewhere. That said, Aaron and I will try our best to give you the full BCG perspective--all with our own personal slant. We hope you find it valuable.

As an aside, we’re going to start including links to products that we discuss in our reviews. If you’re interested in those products, we’d love for you to use those links, as they directly help us 1) acquire more content to review, and 2) help us support the show through software licenses and audio/video equipment. As it turns out, this kind of production indeed costs a bit to keep rolling.


Episode 57 - Aren’t You A Little Old For This Gaming Thing?

Whether the question was asked by a parent, a spouse, a coworker, or a friend, anyone in the BCG community has likely fielded the question “Aren’t you a little old for this gaming thing?” sometime in their adult life. If you are listening to this podcast, chances are you made the decision to face this question head-on, connect with your “why”, and continue with the hobby in spite of opposition. In this episode, we explore the transition into gaming adulthood and the reasons we continue in the hobby.

Intro music provided by sawsquarenoise. Used with permission.

Getting Back Into Gaming: Introduction!

More than anything over the years, we've been asked questions about how to get back into gaming. Whether you were big into it when you were younger or you're trying to introduce your family to games, it's hard to figure out where best to start. In this new series, Chris and Aaron will give you all the steps you need to consider--especially for those of us with things to do in real life.