Episode 62 - The End of Physical Media

Since the beginning of video games, the physical object has been a core part of the experience. The game disc, the manual, the box, the strategy guide—all of these are tangible symbols of the hobby that have lasted for decades. We now find ourselves in a place where the manuals have disappeared, the online platforms have expanded and the consoles are doing away with physical media readers. In this episode, we talk about the evolution of the video game as a physical product and the impact on the hobby and gamer community.

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Episode 61 - Listener Request: BCG Thoughts on Your Recommended Indie Games

When our community recommends games for us to play, we listen. Over the past several months, we’ve assembled an enviable collection of indie game recommendations and taken the time to put them through their paces so we could discuss the games you wanted us to play. On today’s show, we’ll discuss 4 games on your list in the hopes that we can help the BCG community discover some indie gems to add to their collection.

Intro music provided by sawsquarenoise. Used with permission.

Episode 60 - Video Game Purgatory: The Never-Ending Development Cycle

Red Dead Redemption was recently released after an 8 year development cycle. While that sounds like an eternity, and it is, it is hardly alone in the world of video game development. It seems that there is no end to the scope creep of games, but are we about to hit a wall where developer ambitions and player demand goes head-to-head with practical realities? On today’s show, we explore the rise of the long development cycle, its impact on games, and some ideas on the way forward.

Episode 59 - Akihabara: The Mecca of Gaming

When we hear the term “video games”, we tend to think of a particular game or favorite console or a certain fond memory. However, after a recent trip to Tokyo, the first word association I’ll have going forward is not a thing, but a place. That place is Akihabara - the international destination for all gamers. In this episode, we talk about making our pilgrimage to the gaming holy land and what makes it so special.

Intro music provided by sawsquarenoise. Used with permission