Episode 35 - How We Choose the Games We Play and Collect

By now you’re probably well aware of our “Business Casual Gamers” mindset, focusing on maximizing the entertaining gaming time while trying to keep our professional and family lives in order. In many ways, managing that balance can be rather tricky, especially with the wide range of good (and bad) games available in the market. So we thought it’d be fun to ask the question: How do we choose what we play? Moreover, how do we decide which games we keep around and which ones we kick to the curb? As you might expect, the gamers have unique and differing opinions on the subject, making for a great conversation on what entices us and what’s lost our attention. How do you do the same in your gaming experiences? In our gaming assignment segment, Aaron and Chris give their impressions of Persona 5. Did Chris finally come around? Has Aaron found anything to critique with the game?