Retro Rerun Episode 18 - Base Wars (NES)

Some of the most memorable games end up being mashups of multiple genres. I'm sure we've all thought to ourselves, "Why doesn't someone mix a fighting game and baseball?!" at least once in their lives. Ladies and gentlemen, not only has that question been asked, but they actually made it. And can only be done on the NES (arguably).

Enter Base Wars, yet another 20XX game focused on playing baseball and mortally wounding your opponent when you don't get your way. And trust me, it's vicious. We can't even tell if it's a good or a bad game; perhaps we don't want to. Please, let us play this so that others may skip it.

Retro Rerun Episode 10 - Knights of the Round (SNES)

The gamers can't get enough of 16-bit era beat 'em ups. This time, Aaron and Chris are playing a medieval classic, Knights of the Round for SNES. With a refreshing take on a tried-and-true genre, this game filled an important gap in its age.To this day, it still does, given the dearth of similar games in recent years (Castle Crashers aside). If you're looking for a great knight's adventure beat 'em up, check this one out!

Retro Rerun Episode 8 - Streets of Rage 2 (Genesis)

There comes a time in every gamer's life when they feel the undying urge to get out there and clean up the streets, one skull crack at a time. But let's face it: none of us want to dirty our fists. History has always looked fondly upon that what can deliver such an experience without all of the ... punching.

In what is most likely the most important (and the longest) Retro Rerun to date, Chris and Aaron play the undisputed best game on the Genesis* and all-around amazing beat-em-up, Streets of Rage 2. We're taking this all the way--for science. And, of course, Aaron has a reputation to uphold.

*not a scientific determination