Episode 10 - Arcade Memories and Culture

In this episode, Chris and Aaron discuss their favorite arcade memories and the culture that went along with them. They examine what arcades did for the gaming culture prior to their subsequent decline in the US during the early 2000s. The gamers discuss how arcades are kept alive in present day (on a global scale) and ponder how their greatness may live on in slightly different implementations. Also, Chris takes note of one of his long-time favorite streamers on Twitch.tv: LethalFrag. Finally, the gamers evaluate their previous assignments in Guacamelee and Braid.

Show Notes:

  1. BCG Discussion Topic - Arcade Memories and Culture
  2. Found it on Twitch - LethalFrag (https://twitch.tv/lethalfrag)
    -Ex-cook turned live streamer to test if he could make a living off of it
    -All-around great guy, very nice and laid back
    -Completed the first two-year livestream challenge (broadcasting every day for two years)
    -Variety Streamer covering oldies, goodies, pinball, as well as "Cooking with Frag" streams
  3. State of Gaming - Arcades
    -Where are they going?
    -Contrast between arcades and the modern equivalent where you rent consoles per hour
    -What killed them? Better hardware, online gaming, or something else?
    -How do modern arcades compare from a culture, cost, and technology perspective?

  4. Game Assignments
    -Last Week's Assignments: Chris - Guacamelee; Aaron - Braid
    -Next Week's Assignments: Chris - Wizards and Warriors; Aaron - StarTropics