Episode 34 - Chrono Trigger vs. I Am Setsuna: Setsuna’s in a Pickle

If you’ve been following us on Twitter (@biscasualgamers), you’ll know that Aaron and Chris have been going back and forth on the value of I Am Setsuna over a game from which it was clearly inspired, Chrono Trigger. This gave us an idea for a different type of BCG episode where the gamers compare and contrast two similar games, drawing out the best and the worst each has to offer. This time, Aaron and Chris take that Twitter war to the podcast, comparing the two RPGs across the board. Can the protege overtake the master, or does the 16-bit legend take the more modern iteration to task? The gamers break each game down into a number of components, each generating a different perspective on the overall discussion. In the game assignments segment, Chris attempts to get to know Stardew Valley, and Aaron shares a confession.