Episode 20 - Trending Up, and Trending Down

Over the years, we’ve seen a quite a lot of ups and downs in the video game industry. Series rise to amazing levels only to crash back down a year later. Developers struggle to find their first hit, then seemingly acquire the Midas touch for years to come. It’s fascinating, really, to see how these ebbs and flows shape our perception of what’s good (and what isn’t) year over year. In this episode, Aaron and Chris give their own thoughts on what’s trending up, and what’s trending down. What do we have high hopes for, and what can we only hope eventually improves? Also, last episode’s assignments has Chris describing his experience with Resident Evil 4 and Aaron (finally) hitting the PC scene with Cities: Skylines!

Show Notes:

  1. BCG Topic of the Week - Trending Up, and Trending Down
    -Aaron's Trending Up:
    -Aksys Fighting Games: Persona, Guilty Gear, BlazBlue
      -Just Cause Series
      -Persona Series
      -Q Games
    -Aaron's Trending Down:
      -Zelda Series
      -Nippon Ichi
      -Rockstar open world games
      -Anything made by Hideo Kojima
    -Chris' Trending Up:
      -Witcher Series
      -Donkey Kong Series
      -Ratchet and Clank Series
      -Mass Effect Series
    -Chris' Trending Down:
      -Final Fantasy Series
      -Mega Man Series
      -Metroid Series
      -Castlevania Series
  2. Game Assignments
    -Last Episode's Assignments: Chris - Resident Evil 4; Aaron - Cities: Skylines (PC)
    -Next Episode's Assignments: Chris - Headlander (PS4); Aaron - Need for Speed (PC)