Episode 12 - When to Retire a Franchise or Genre?

In this episode, Chris and Aaron discuss when enough is enough: when is the right time to retire a franchise (or even an entire genre)? How can we drive the industry to produce new ideas as opposed to producing the same, tired iterations on games we've already played? The gamers search for the point where players "check out" and move on entirely. Chris gives his brief review of Fez, and Aaron laments his time with Bravely Default. Finally, the gamers throw in their E3 predictions... will announcements finally push Aaron to buy a PS4?!

Show Notes:

  1. BCG Discussion Topic - When to Retire a Franchise of Genre?
    -At what point should a franchise stop even if players still buy new games?
    -How much should the gaming industry be driven by "new ideas" rather than improved versions of systems/ideas that people know and love?
    -At what point do we "check out" of a franchise or game genre?
  2. Game Assignments
    -Last Episode's Assignments: Chris - Fez; Aaron - Bravely Default
    -Next Episode's Assignments: Chris - Overwatch (PS4); Aaron - Ratchet and Clank: Tools of Destruction (PS3)
  3. News
    -E3 is around the corner (June 14-16). What is new, and will this be the announcement that makes Aaron finally buy a PS4? What are you most excited about from E3?