Episode 8 - Gaming: Personal Getaway or Group Experience?

In this episode, Aaron and Chris discuss whether gaming is more of a personal, single-player activity or a group experience. The gamers compare and contrast factors that contribute to someone's decision to seek out solo or online activities when they choose their games. Does the presence or absence of either steer you away? The gamers also dig up a gone-but-not-forgotten classic piece of handheld hardware from the mid-90s.


Show Notes:

  1. BCG Discussion Topic - Is gaming more of a personal getaway (i.e. single player), or is it more of a group experience?
    -Does generation have anything to do with preference for online vs. single player?
    -Does the absence or underlying presence of an online capability impact your decision to play/pass on one?
    -Example: Dark Souls, the Division have an "always online" component; is this merely a distraction, or is it an overwhelming negative?
  2. Forgotten Hardware - Sega Genesis Nomad 
    -Introduced in 1995; discontinued in 1999
    -Inspired by the Mega Jet, a portable Mega Drive (Genesis) without a screen that could be used with JAL flights starting in 1994
    -Followed in the footsteps of the Game Gear, TurboExpress, and Lynx
    -Plays Sega Genesis cartridges natively
    -Has an AV out to play on a TV
    -Has an external controller port to play 2-player games
    -A little bulky, and the screen isn't amazing (then again, none were in those days)
    -Full support for 3- or 6-button controllers
    -Not expensive to pick up these days
  3. Game Assignments - Last Episode's Assignments
    -Chris: PixelJunk Eden - Didn't connect with Chris. Not a lot of direction, too expansive (in a negative way). Abstractness of the game and unclear play methods made the game somewhat boring to Chris.
    -Aaron: Kickle Cubicle- Reminder of great games like Bubble Bobble and Dig Dug. Too simple in almost every way. The addition of bosses is nice, but they seem to be more or less carbon copies of one another (e.g. palette swaps, etc.).
  4. Game Assignments - Next Episode's Assignments
    -Chris: Rachet and Clank PS4
    -Aaron: Altered Beast
  5. News