Episode 7 - How does gaming help or hurt in the real world?

In this episode, Aaron and Chris discuss how being a lifelong gamer impacts life both positively and negatively. Do the things games ingrain in us help or hurt us, and in what ways? Chris shares a great Twitch streamer, BikeMan, and the gamers discuss some of the best and worst qualities of two Legend of Zelda games. A healthy discussion of PS VR and the rumored PS 4K sets the stage for things to come in gaming this year.

Show Notes:

  1. Feedback Discussion - What's your preference on length, topics, and audio vs. video content? See https://twitter.com/biscasualgamers for polls coming soon!
  2. BCG Discussion Topic - How goes gaming help or hurt you in the real world? What parts of gaming carry over into your daily life?
    -Do you approach finances like an RPG? Do you min/max like you might in a game?
    -Do you focus on perfectionism when it isn't realistic?
    -Do you care too much about efficiency as though you're "speedrunning" life?
    -Did gaming impact your reading comprehension in positive ways?
    -The Science Behind Shaping Player Behavior in Online Games - Riot Games @ GDC 2013
  3. Found It on Twitch - BikeMan (https://www.twitch.tv/bikeman) - Hilarious variety streamer; one of the best on Twitch, in Chris' opinion
  4. Game Assignments - Last Episode's Assignments
    -Chris: Shining Force - Great game, lots of nostalgia and unique (for the time) features. Allowing players to choose spells, etc, is a positive over games like Fire Emblem.
    -Aaron: Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds - Exceptional game that manages to mix nostalgia with new content without seeming like they're just rehashing the Link to the Past. Link Between Worlds gives players that "warm blanket" feeling that's so difficult to make work.
  5. Game Assignments - Next Episode's Assignments
    -Chris: PixelJunk Eden
    -Aaron: Kickle Cubicle
  6. News
    -Ex-GameTrailers guys are back as Easy Allies! Find them on Twitch, YouTube, Twitter, etc.
    -Chris pre-ordered a PS VR. Who knows if that was a good idea! We'll have to wait and see.
    -PS 4K rumors keep Aaron from pulling the trigger on a PS4. If introduced, what will the PS 4K do to the gaming market? Will it fracture an already healthy market?