Episode 6 - The Harsh Reality of the Gaming Industry

In this episode, Chris and Aaron discuss the reality of working in the gaming industry and how that plays into the aspirations of many to join it. The gamers discuss two 16-bit gems (non-RPGs, finally!) in Retro Rerun that are worth your time. They wrap up with some parting thoughts on the harder campaign in Fire Emblem Fates.

Show Notes:

  1. Poll Results
    • Wai-fail prevails!
    • Chris' awful airport story, blowing into 3DS among hundreds at the gate. Ugh, embarrassing.
  2. BCG Discussion Topic of the Week
    • Did you ever/do you aspire to a career in gaming?
    • Do the long hours/crunch time bother you?
    • Does the independent movement appeal?
      • Explore creativity
      • Are you as passionate about other areas as games?
      • Do you think a job in gaming would make it less appealing?
    • The Secret Life of a Games Programmer
      • Interesting look at the harsh reality of the gaming industry
  3. Retro Rerun
    • Aaron - Streets of Rage 2
    • Chris - Soul Blazer
      • Amazing game, prequel to Illusion of Gaia
      • Action style RPG
  4. What We're Playing
    • Fire Emblem Fates
      • Playing the Nohr campaign (the hard mode path)
    • Twilight Princess HD
  5. Game Assignments
    • Last Week's Assignments
      • Chris - Dragon Quest: Rocket Slime
      • Aaron - Ori and the Blind Forest
    • Next Week's Assignments
      • Chris - Shining Force
      • Aaron - Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds
  6. News
    • Final Fantasy XV - leaked street date
    • PS VR - October release, $399 price tag