Episode 60 - Video Game Purgatory: The Never-Ending Development Cycle

Red Dead Redemption was recently released after an 8 year development cycle. While that sounds like an eternity, and it is, it is hardly alone in the world of video game development. It seems that there is no end to the scope creep of games, but are we about to hit a wall where developer ambitions and player demand goes head-to-head with practical realities? On today’s show, we explore the rise of the long development cycle, its impact on games, and some ideas on the way forward.

Episode 59 - Akihabara: The Mecca of Gaming

When we hear the term “video games”, we tend to think of a particular game or favorite console or a certain fond memory. However, after a recent trip to Tokyo, the first word association I’ll have going forward is not a thing, but a place. That place is Akihabara - the international destination for all gamers. In this episode, we talk about making our pilgrimage to the gaming holy land and what makes it so special.

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Episode 58 - Reimagining the Classics

For the entirety of the past console generation, remakes and remasters have been the hottest trend in gaming. You can nearly be assured that if a game sold well or is being talked about by enough fans, there is likely a plan to rerelease the game for modern consoles to sell additional copies with almost no downside risk to the publisher. Games like Final Fantasy VII and Resident Evil 2, some of the most iconic games of all time, are going well beyond a simple remaster and redefining the entire game. In this episode, we explore the art of the possible and discuss how we would reimagine some games that are high on our list as candidates for reimagining.

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Episode 57 - Aren’t You A Little Old For This Gaming Thing?

Whether the question was asked by a parent, a spouse, a coworker, or a friend, anyone in the BCG community has likely fielded the question “Aren’t you a little old for this gaming thing?” sometime in their adult life. If you are listening to this podcast, chances are you made the decision to face this question head-on, connect with your “why”, and continue with the hobby in spite of opposition. In this episode, we explore the transition into gaming adulthood and the reasons we continue in the hobby.

Intro music provided by sawsquarenoise. Used with permission.